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1. Mr William Wicaksana – Palembang, Indonesia.

“Early in April 2011 at 18:00 in the afternoon, suddenly my son’s legs tightened and cannot be in motion or walk.

Then we took our son to the hospital in Palembang and our son was hospitalized for 10 Days.

Analysis from our paediatrician got SPASMOPHILIA +3.

We have seen different doctors including neurologist, but no improvement. Then on 3 May 2011 we bring our son to Singapore for further checks and treatment at Gleneagles hospital.

Suddenly the condition is worsen, my son both feet hurt and the pain back and cannot run. The nerve doctor done some test and gave medicine, but the medicine didn’t work. The nerve doctor recommends us to see Dr. Bernard Lee and give us Dr. Bernard Lee phone number.

The emergency room physician also recommended Bernard Lee. William eventually entered the ICU overnight and the next day out of the ICU and cared for in the treatment room.

The medicine that is given for treatment by Doctor Bernard Lee can reduce pain and cramps in both legs of my son.

Doctor Bernard Lee diagnoses my son as nerve hypersensitivity with severe muscle spasm.

Treatments and procedures that apply to our son are going well and the results are very satisfied and I’m as parents very happy, our son is almost fully recovered.

For that I as a parent of William Wicaksana say a big thank you to Dr. Bernard Lee and a man who gave us referrals to a doctor Bernard Lee.”


2. Mr Dave Tan

“4 years ago I was involved in an accident where the miniature lifts crashed on my foot. After the incident I had pain and tightness at the right foot. Over the years, I developed new pain in my right arm. 1 year ago, suddenly a massive pain struck in my right arm. And this pain persisted and occurred together with numbness in my neck. This pain was very distressing and it did not subside. It affected my work and my social life. One of my friends, who is a patient of Dr Bernard Lee referred me to Dr Lee. The first time I came to Singapore Paincare Center, Dr Lee performed a detailed the physical assessment and listened to my problem where the pain was. Dr. Lee examined the neurological function of my upper body, isolated and located any tender points as well as assessed the range of movement of my neck and right upper limb. After doing the MRI scan for cervical spine there was a slipped disc with nerve compression at C5/6 level. It was about 40% narrowing, causing significant compression of the nerve. Dr. Lee gave him 3 choices:

First, Nucleoplasty (Percutaneous Disc Decompression) is a minimally invasive procedure to decompress a herniated disc in the spine that may irritate nearby nerve roots. This will reduce the disc protrusion and also reduce the pressure caused by the herniated disc that compresses nerve roots or the spinal cord.

Second, go for open surgery and replace the disc.

And lastly just bearing with the pain as it was.

Wanting less invasiveness and less risk with almost no downtime to my daily routine, I opted for the 1st choice, which was a minimally invasive procedure. After the procedure, the pain and numbness reduced significantly. Sometimes I still experience numbness on my right arm but that only occur when I do not move my arm for more that 10 minutes or more.

Now I am well and I feel good. I am about to go back to soccer and my work without the nagging pain in my neck and arm. I am less tired and feel much better, like a load off my shoulder. “It’s very important to do exercise after the procedure, the patient would need to start a rehabilitative program to work and strengthen the surrounding muscles” said Dr. Lee. Also, there would be some medications (not pain killers) to stabilize the surrounding nerves to make them less irritative.”


3. Ms Kanitha Chumchit

“Three years ago, pain caused my life to change dramatically without any warning. That day, my elder son and I went to the market. While walking halfway, I could not move suddenly. My both legs are numb and have no feeling at all. My son has to carry me back home which took 15 minutes, as the whole journey was about 1-2 bus stops away from the market to our house. I was so scared and really wanted this condition to go away. I could not walk and sit properly which it affects me deeply.

My children advise me to consult the doctor to get this condition treated. I just went to one of the hospital for consultation and the doctor mentioned that I must operate so as to relief the pain. After having been told that, I went ahead to have the operation done. I was full of hope initially but it worsens after the operation. I still could not walk without feeling pain. I was traumatized and bedridden for a period hence my daughter and 2 sons have to help out with the household chores which are usually done by me. During rainy days, the metal screw which they planted inside my back makes me feel cold. I went back to the same doctor but nothing can be done. I continue with pain killers for the next 2 years till my sister in law recommended me to Singapore Paincare Center.

After the detailed examination by Dr Bernard Lee, I was recommended for the innovative knifeless surgery. Miraculously I was even able to work the next day. I had the procedure in Feb 2012 and now, I can even walk fast than my children! I am really thankful to Dr Bernard Lee for the skilful treatment that he has done for me. It helps me to fully get rid of my pain and I am able to resume back to my full-time job and life. THANK YOU DR LEE!

Kanitha Chumchit
June 2013”


4. Mr Lim Heng Pung

“I work in the trading sector. I have this buttock pain problem since 2012. The pain starts from the buttock down to my legs, causing my legs to be numb as well. It causes extreme pain on 1 side of the buttock when sitting down after about 5 minutes or so. It affected my work and especially when I drive. I have to sit tilted to one side to relieve the pain, to depressurize on the other painful buttock. Even when lying down on the bed, I tend to toss and turn to ease the pain of my buttocks.

This pain affected my lifestyle tremendously. I used to play golf every weekend but after this condition arises, I have stopped the usual activities that I do. I went to several acupuncturists but the condition is still the same, despite many treatments.

Finally, I went to consult Dr Bernard Lee after reading the U-weekly magazine on pain articles written by him.

Ever since the minimally invasive procedure that Dr Lee has performed on me on 8 January 2013, I feel a good 90% pain relief! Currently, I am still rehabilitating, and still on medication. The medications have been weaned not as heavy as before. There were no painkillers given. For maintenance, I am told by Dr Bernard Lee to do exercise more often. Now I can exercise without any pain and I have started brisk walking every morning. The pain no longer erupts. I am really grateful to Dr Bernard Lee for his accurate diagnosis and laser ballooning treatment.

Lim Heng Pung
May 2013”