The Centre

Singapore Paincare Center is a fully-established pain management center in South-east Asia, providing an alternative to open surgery.  One Center is in Paragon Medical Suites and the other in Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre.

SPCC focuses on eliminating and managing painful conditions, from acute pain from injury, to chronic back and neck pain, to persisting post-surgical pain and cancer pain, occurring anywhere in the body.

Led by Dr Bernard Lee, SPCC's team of highly trained, board-certified healthcare specialists in pain medicine and interventional pain procedures comprises consultant pain specialists, physiotherapists, surgeons and pain psychologists.

SPCC uses a multi-disciplinary approach in the assessment of patients, arriving at a multi-dimensional diagnosis which results in the best possible treatment for each patient.

Patients can expect to receive pain care treatments, such as Minimally Invasive Procedures, Pharmacotherapy, Rehabilitation Program and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Cancer Pain Treatment.




To provide pain relief and improve the quality of the life of individuals who suffer from pain through minimally invasive interventions.  There is an individualised solution for every pain condition.  We aim to identify and remove or modulate the painful source.  Patients will be rehabilitated to achieve long-lasting behaviour modification.


To free patients from pain and give them a new lease of life. All patients with persistent painful conditions will get relief of their pain and suffering.  The pain stops here at Singapore Paincare Center.


Our 5 “Es” to treat your conditions with care!

Patients’ engaging experience - we ensure all questions are answered and expectations met.

Experience our exceptional service from our personalised medical concierge and our paying close attention to our patients’ needs. At SPCC, we assure persistent pain will be controlled and managed with exceptional results.

Welcome to the environment of our caring and angelic nurses here! Their smile springs from a genuine desire to take care of our patients’ conditions, besides being an assurance of results shown for post treatments.

We empower our staff to deliver appropriate and timely service to our patients. Each staff member is empowered with the necessary knowledge and responsibility to achieve this goal.

We emphasize on staff enrichment and patient education, and we provide constant training to our staff in practical knowledge and interpersonal skills. Knowledge relevant to specific conditions is then shared with our patients. A lot of chronic pain syndrome is co-managed with a change in lifestyle and behaviour. Thus, it is important that patients receive the right information and education to make that progress.


Our Team










Dr Lee is a Consultant Pain Specialist with more than 15 years of experience. He was awarded the Masters of Medicine (Anaesthesiology) in 1998. He underwent further training to sub-specialize in pain management and was awarded Fellow of the Faculty of Pain Medicine with the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists in 2002.

He is one of Singapore’s Pioneer Interventional Pain Specialists who started the Chronic and Interventional Pain Management Service in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. As its Clinical Director, he established various clinical programs, including Singapore’s first intensive rehabilitation program for difficult pain conditions. He has since trained and mentored many doctors locally and overseas, in both the knowledge and the practice of Pain Medicine.

Dr Lee is also the founder of Singapore Paincare Center; Director and Consultant of the Women’s Pain Center in KK Women’s and Children’s hospital, Singapore; and Associate Professor of the Faculty of Medicine in Saint Thomas University, Philippines.

He established knifeless surgery via “state-of-the-art” – specialized laser/balloon injections to treat various pain conditions (herniated disc, nerve impingement, neuralgia and frozen shoulder).  He is also trained in medical acupuncture, adding a different dimension in the provision of evidence-based practices within interventional pain procedures, to the benefit of patients. Being an active advocate for education on pain issues, he founded the Singapore Chronic Pain Society, aimed at bringing pain management awareness to the public.

He has taught and mentored many doctors regarding minimally invasive pain procedures. He is constantly at the frontier of minimally invasive interventions and yet never compromising on patient safety and care.

MBBS (Singapore)
Master of Medicine (Anaes) (Singapore)
Fellow of Academy Medicine Singapore (Anaes)
Fellow of Faculty of Pain Medicine, Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (Australia)
New South Wales Medical Acupuncture College (Australia)
Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
University of Santo Tomas




Dr Daniel Phang is a qualfied Anesthesiologist and Pain Management Physican.

He obtained his MBBS from the National University of Singapore in 2005 and completed his Anesthesiology training in 2015. He also achieved the Certification in Pain Sonology (CIPS) with the World Institute of Pain in 2017.

Prior to joining Singapore Paincare Center, Dr Phang served as an Anesthesiologist consultant in Singapore General Hospital, the largest and premier healthcare training center in Singapore.  Apart from his clinical practice, he was actively involved in education, conducting regular lectures on pain management both to medical staff and general public. Dr Phang was also a key stakeholder in setting up SengKang General Hospital Pain Management services.

In 2016, Dr Phang embarked on a year-long pain management fellowship with Toronto Western Hospital, a renowned institution pioneering in ultrasound-guided, neuromodulation and evidence-based pain medicine practice. His Pain Management training was holistic, ranging from headache intervention, chronic back pain, musculoskeletal and nerve injuries to opioid and adjunctive therapy.

Dr Phang is especially passionate regarding ultrasound guided intervention, which he believes is safer and more cost- effective for patients. He aims to bring evidence-based and effective intervention to his patients. His other interests include neuromodulation, regenerative medicine and regional anesthesia.

Apart from Pain Management and Anesthesiology, Dr Phang was previously a medical officer with the Singapore Armed Forces where he was involved in repatriation and field anesthesia.

As an active Council Member of the Pain Association of Singapore, he organized the interventional ultrasound pain workshop as part of the most recent Annual Scientific Meeting.

MBBS (Singapore)
Master in Medicine (Anaesthesia)
Certification in Pain Sonography (CIPS)
Advanced Trauma Life Support certification
Advanced Trauma Life Support Instructor




We are committed to creating a positive experience by providing the highest quality and state-of–art treatments in a personalised and caring environment.  Singapore Paincare Center has developed its uniqueness not only in its clinical skills but everything that contributes to making it a centre of excellence, with superb facilities which will make you feel relaxed and comfortable immediately.

For patient who requires a longer recovery time after a treatment, we provide them a private room with bed where they can rest while regaining their mobility.

We look seriously into all aspects in making the environment pleasant.  As such, simple refreshments, such as hot and cold drinks, as well as a variety of snacks, are provided to the satisfaction of our patients.

We provide on-time appointments to patients to shorten their waiting time. We are proud of our library resources, encouraging patients to browse through the magazines in our library corner, which are updated monthly.

A wheel-chair is also available for our frail and weak patients who have pain and need some extra tender care.



The Singapore Paincare Center logo was designed to convey our organization’s vision of freeing the patient from pain. The human figure, once freed from pain, would move painlessly and effortlessly, like that of a graceful dancer.  The bondage of pain, once broken, is like a new birth, coming out from the depths of the abyss of pain.  Those three circles encapsulate the different types of pain, namely, Acute pain, Chronic pain and Cancer pain.