Why should I see a doctor for Shoulder Pain?

shoulder pain with Dr Yoong

It is not just professional athletes or manual workers who are more prone to shoulder pain. Being a desk-bound worker equates to long hours of typing and resting your wrists at angles that compromises your posture, and the repetitive actions of swiping items at the cashier counter — all these simple repetitive actions can result in shoulder pain.

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Fibromyalgia: One of the Most Common Chronic Pain Conditions – Even Lady Gaga isn't spared


Fibromyalgia: One of the Most Common Chronic Pain Conditions – Even Lady Gaga isn't spared

The superstar Lady Gaga was “intermittently dealing with global and mental pain”, and she wanted to share her suffering with the world through a Netflix documentary. This was when Fibromyalgia became more widely known.

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Menstrual Pain

Some women have it easy, but many do not. Up to 80% of menstruating women experience painful periods, and 20-30% of these women suffer debilitating pain. Menstrual cramps may seem run-of-the-mill for those dreaded days of the month, but when it interferes with your normal day-to-day routine, it might be time to investigate.

Unfortunately, this monthly episodes are nightmares for some women. They crouch in pain, unable to move, or even faint.

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Dr. Yoong Chee Seng

Dr Yoong Chee Seng

Singapore Paincare Holdings warmly welcomes our new Consultant Pain Specialist, Dr. Yoong Chee Seng. He will be joining Dr. Bernard Lee Mun Kum at our specialist clinics, Singapore Paincare Center and Paincare Center @Novena, from April 2021 onwards.

Dr. Yoong has over 20 years of pain management experience and is involved in the treatment of various types of pain, including acute pain arising from injuries and surgeries as well as chronic pain.

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Ouch, it hurts. Do I really need a pain doctor?

‘Ouch!’ is the instinctive reaction we give when pain occurs as no one enjoy pain.

The positive thing about pain is that it works as an alarm, to alert us that our body is not comfortable with an action or movement but living with pain is a whole different ball game.

Ms Lim is a 24-year-old piano teacher who woke up one day with a painful neck. Thinking it was a mild sprain, she ignored it but after a week, the situation exacerbated as not only did the pain not stop, her right thumb started to feel numb and she felt weakness in her shoulder. Read more

Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is a condition in which one of your fingers gets stuck in a bent position. Your finger may bend or straighten with a snap — like a trigger being pulled and released

Trigger finger is one of the very common conditions encountered by clinicians in their outpatient setting. According to a medical report1, as many as 2% in the population and 20% of the diabetic patients have trigger fingers. Read More

My Breast Still Hurts After Surgery. Is That Normal?

Breastcancer.org reports that 66% of the women who have undergone breast cancer surgery still experience from mild to severe pain. Even for those who have gone under the knife for reasons other than cancer complain of pain. What could the cause be?

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Chronic Pain and Mental Wellness


Pain – physical or mental, is the most dreaded feeling. No one wants to experience it yet it is so prevalent. When pain exists persistently, it negatively impacts our physical and mental state. This article explores how chronic pain affects your mental wellness, what you can do to remove or manage the pain, as well as how to deal with the mental detriments that comes with chronic pain

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Are you in Pain

It has been a long and ardous journey with your chronic pain; you’ve spent a fortune with medical practitioners that tried to help but your condition remains the same. Don’t relent to pain, the solution is out there, simply overlooked by many.

Chronic pain, or persistent pain that carries on beyond 12 weeks even with medication or treatment, is debilitating and depressing. Many of us have even battled the pain for years, only to keep coming back to square one. Our medical practitioners’ means and ways to combat the condition have been futile, and it is apparent that we should live in pain for the rest of our lives.

Thankfully, that is not true.

There has been a huge misunderstanding about the cause of your chronic pain which many doctors have overlooked, and discovering this cause could be the answer to your freedom from pain.

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Are you experiencing some of these symptoms that trouble you?

  • Pain or cramp in the buttocks
  • Back or buttocks discomfort while sitting
  • Tingling at the back of the legs and lower back
  • Pain which radiates down the back of the leg, usually into the hamstrings or even the calf muscles.

This could be a condition in which the Piriformis Muscle, located in the buttock region spasms, thus causing the pain

Discuss your troubled symptoms with your family doctor for advice and understand the treatment available.



Osteoarthritis is the most common type of joint disease. It can cause pain, loss of mobility, and reduced quality of life.
Knee osteoarthritis is a major form of the condition and the main reason for knee replacement surgery, with excess weight being a key risk factor.


  • Age
  • Female Gender
  • Obesity resulting from lack of exercise and poor eating habits
  • Having an occupation requiring heavy lifting, kneeling or squatting


  • Knee Pain and Swelling
  • Difficulty walking, squatting, going up and down the stairs
  • Difficulty wearing trousers and getting in and out of car

Patient with OA knee have some degree of movement limitations

Cannot perform major activities of daily living

Effective management in primary care can reduce the burden of knee osteoarthritis on patients and the healthcare system

Provide a comprehensive clinical assessment

Educate patient and develop a self-management plan

Non-surgical treatment, weight loss, exercise, pain management

Monitor the patient through planned clinical review

Refer the patient to an orthopaedic surgeon or pain specialist if conservative management to longer works


Do you experience this symptoms?

Chronic Muscles Aches & Pain
Chronic Fatigue That Affect Daily Activities
Chronic Sleep Disturbance
Increased Sensitivity

You could be experiencing a condition called Fibromyalgia (FM)

A central nervious system hypersensitivity causing muscle spasm, especially around the joint.
A muscle disorder that causes significant pain all over the body.

Patient Responsibility

Stress Management
Sleep Therapy
Exercise Therapy

Doctor's Treatment
Injection Therapy


Shoulder Pain
Are you Experiencing any of these symptoms?

Sharp aching pain, typically associated with movement.
Limited movement of the shoulder (either backward or upwards)
Pain when trying to sleep on affected shoulder
Difficulty with activites such as brushing hair, putting on shirt/bra

Is there treatment available for me?

Self Management
Heat Therapy

Doctor's Treatment
Injections Therapy

Frozen Shoulder known as " 五十肩“ is commonly seen in women more than men between 40 - 60 years of age. The shoulder stiffens causing pain and reducing its mobility.

Workplace Hazards and Ergonomics

Workplace Hazards and Ergonomics

The Straits Times released an article on 28 March 2014 announcing that Workplace health problems cost $3.5 billion a year. These health problems in contention are not fallen from a height or collapsing scaffolding but simply seemingly trivial problems such as back pain, stiff necks or numb wrists from normal office work activities. Since then, the Workplace Safety and Health Council have looked into workplace ergonomics to minimize health problems.
Workplace ergonomics is the science of designing the workplace, which includes the human-machine (tool), human-work environment and human-human interfaces to prevent injury and illness and to improve work performance. Poor worksite design leads to fatigued, frustrated and even end up causing hurt to workers. This naturally leads to lower productivity and frustration in the work environment.

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Heel Pain

Do you experience heel pain especially with the first step off the bed?
Do you experience stabbing pain at the bottom of your foot near the heels?
Do you experience heel pain especially at the start and after a long walk/exercise?

You could have heel condition call Plantar Fasciitis

It involves inflammation of a thick band of tissue, in your sole that connects your heel pain to your toes.
Check with your pain doctor or specialist to find out more on the treatment of this pain condition.



















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