Service Quality Class

Guided by a strong mission and vision that Singapore Paincare Center upholds, we strongly believe in providing quality care and service to individuals (patients) who seek help in us.
We started to journey through Service Quality Class (SQC) in Oct 2018 and took 7 months to complete the entire process of assessment and certification by April 2019, with the aim to enhance consistency and quality of our internal processes as well as improve on our service standards.
The sharing, training and workshop sessions have equipped the team with stronger teamwork, better analytical skills and being more patient- focused. This has helped us build stronger bonds internally among our own team as well as with external parties, including patients, vendors, working partners, etc.
In Singapore Paincare Center, giving ample care and concern and providing high service level to patients are as important as providing medical help. As Mother Theresa has said, “if we cannot make our patients better, the least we can do is to empathize and care for them in the best way possible.”
We are happy and proud that we have been awarded for SQC Certification for both service and people, and we continue looking forward to scaling new heights in terms of our service quality.