In the middle of 2018, we began collaborating with primary care providers to extend our provision of pain care treatments to our Medical Clinics, thereby increasing the accessibility of pain care treatments to patients in the general community (residential heartland).  Upon completion of the Restructuring Exercise, our Company acquired our Subsidiaries and Associated Company, and became the holding company of our group, Singapore Paincare Holdings Pte Ltd.

Singapore Paincare Holdings comprises of pain care specialists and pain care GPs, aiming to be a one-stop center for patients suffering from persistent pain.  Providing an alternative to open surgery and/or chronic use of painkillers, it has been pushing the boundaries of a new treatment for painful degenerative conditions through new understanding and minimally invasive injections.

After having established its presence (through Singapore Paincare Center) within the specialist care setting since 2007, Singapore Paincare Holdings started to bring pain care treatment to the primary care heartland through the following clinics:


Lian Clinic Pte Ltd

Dr. Jeffrey Loh



The Family Clinic @ Towner
Dr Jiten Sen

Horizon Medical Centre

Dr. Lee Peng Khow
Dr. Gary Chee

AE Medical Clinic (Fernvale)
Dr. Alexander Wong
Dr. Eugene Huang

New City Skin Clinic

Dr. Alexander Wong


Express Medical Clinic
Dr. Jiten Sen

This brings our Paincare brand of treatment closer to the general community, enabling all patients to access our commitment to good and permanent pain relief.

Our Group is one of few medical services groups in Singapore focused on providing paincare treatment by either removing pain generators and/or interrupting pain signals through, among others minimally invasive procedures and specialised injections.  All the doctors are trained and audited regularly to ensure consistency and a high standard of care with long lasting pain relief outcomes.  All clinics/centers bearing the Singapore Paincare’s mark underlines the same quality of commitment to service, training, results and satisfaction.

Singapore Paincare Center
Paragon Medical Centre
290 Orchard Road #18-03
Singapore 238859

+65 6235 6697

+65 6235 6846

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Singapore Paincare Center @ Novena
Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre
38 Irrawaddy Road #07-33
Singapore 329563

+65 6734 4500

+65 6684 0773

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